B410 / B410VS

  • 5HP strong head can be swiveled 90 degrees right and left for angular machining.
  • Quill diameter 110mm(4.3”). NST#40 spindle.
  • XY axes high precision ballscrews, Z axis leadscrew (Z axis ballscrew by option).
  • Heavy duty saddle length 1200mm (47.2”) support to table.
  • Rigid square ways on cross and column.
  • Licensed Meehanite casting.
  • Hardened and ground on X Y Z slideways and table.
  • Turcite-B coated on X Y Z axes slideways and gibs.
  • Counter-balance weight device for milling head.
  • Telescopic steel cover to protect the sildeways and ballscrew from dust.


Model X/Y/Z Auto feed
B410-FP / B410VS-FP XYZ Variable speed by inverter system
B410-SP / B410VS-SP XYZ Variable speed by servo motor


Standard Accessories:

Standard Accessories For
Tool & Tool box All machine
Leveling screws & pads All machine
Auto lubrication pump B185/B410
Coolant system & chip tray B185/B410
Electrical box & Lifting motor B185/B410
Rubber chip cover (Front & Rear) B180
Rear rubber cover B185/B410
Telescopic cover (metal) in front of saddle B185/B410
XY Ballscrew B185/B410
Quartz work light B185/B410


Specification   B410 / B410VS
Table Size

1270 x 380 mm

T slots of table (Qty x size)

3 x 16 mm

Longitudinal travel (Manual) 1000 mm
Longitudinal travel (Auto) 1000 mm (Option: 1200 mm)
Cross travel 500 mm
Vertical travel 500 mm
Spindle nose to table surface (D) 140~600 mm
Spindle taper NST#40
Spindle speed (rpm)  Step head 50 Hz 62.5~3000rpm
60 Hz 75~3600rpm
Variable speed head                       50Hz: 40~3000rpm 60Hz: 50~3600
Stroke of quill on turret 140 mm
Quill feeds (mm/rpm) 0.035 mm~0.07 mm~0.14 mm
Head swivel (R&L) 45o
Spindle to column (E) 490mm
Feed Rate
X Y Z axes feed rates (mm/min) 0~1800 mm (0~7 1'') Adjustable Steplessly
Rapid traverse X Y axes (mm/min) 1800
Rapid traverse of Z axis (mm/min) 900
Spindle drive motor 5HP
Drive on X axis

1HP servo motor for B410(VS)-SP
1/2 HP reduction motor with inverter driver for B410(VS)-FP

Drive on Y axis
Drive on Z axis
Coolant pump 1/6HP
Length x Width x Height (A x B x C) 2250 mm x 2050 mm x 2090 mm
Net weight 3100 gs

We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice. The specification shown above is for reference only.