About Us


Manford Machinery Co., Ltd. started to produce milling machines since 1987. Avemax was once the milling machine department of Manford. In 2006, it became independent and is now the sister company of Manford. Through the decades, Avemax has become one of the world’s top brands with high quality products and professional services.


Nowadays, Taiwan milling machines have gradually been replaced by cheaper and lower quality machines. Manford group still continues to focus on producing high quality products while adhering to the “MIT” (Made in Taiwan) principle of production. In 2006, with the aim of producing high-quality and high-precision milling machines, Manford established “Avemax Industrial Co., Ltd.” as an offshoot to focus on developing conventional milling machines. Avemax not only continues in the operation philosophies from Manford that “customer first, quality focus, sustainable development” but also takes its own brand to the next level in Taiwan milling machine market.

Avemax only takes the parts which made in Taiwan or Japan to ensure the quality of our products. Most of our suppliers are located in Taichung city which is the core center of Taiwan machine tool industry. We have the most complete supply chain which provides the best quality and fastest delivery under the strictest quality controls. We offer high quality machines for fair prices. Aside from our own brand, OEM/ODM cooperation is also one of our strengths. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Offering professional, reliable, high quality products and services to the market are not just our commitment but also the way we grow and thrive with our customers around the world.


“Avemax” is a blend of the words “Ave” and “Max”. “Ave” in Spanish means young bird and “Max” is the meaning of maximum. Avemax was born from Manford and now spreads its wings taking its hopes flying together with customers to a brand new unlimited world.