• High grade casting is annealed and stress-released, providing high rigidity and wear resistance
  • Hardened and ground double-nut ballscrews on 3 axes, providing high precision movement, and reducing heat deformation.
  • XYZ slideways, table and T-slot are hardened and ground
  • 3 ways are coated with turcite-B
  • Dovetail on X slideways, box ways on Y and Z
  • 1:2 ratio timing belt boxes on XYZ to increase drive torque and save cost for axes motors
  • XYZ axes are driven by servo motor, standard with pendent control box, and individual buttons for each function allows operator to work with ease
  • YZ steel way covers protecting slidways and ballscrews from dust and coolant


iPRO Intelligent Conversational Control System


  • Intelligently integrates the control, machine and person.
  • Optimized HMI + PLC + Motion + COMM.
  • iPRO system enables you to program conventional machining operations right at your machine in an easy programming way.
  • iPRO system was designed for users where manual and automated operation are both useful and needed.
  • Built in functions: parameter memory, visual communication, USB connectivity, coaching program and coordinate adjustment record.
  • Powerful, easy and user-friendly. Great for your daily milling work.

DRO mode 

  • Built in DRO mode provides DRO functions for your milling work. With this function, you are no longer have to spend extra money on DRO equipment for your machine.


  • Program the iPRO by making simple selections and inputting parameters in numbers.

Program Storage

  • An internal drive lets you save hundreds of typical programs. A USB port on iPRO is available to plug in a storage device for backing up programs and moving programs between iPRO and computers.

Help pages

  • Help pages are available for you to check different useful information quickly.


  • Even if you have never used a CNC before, you will be able to learn the iPRO in just a few hours. It is easier to operate with an iPRO than to use manual machining methods. You’ll quickly find out having the iPRO will pay off in job satisfaction.

Task scheduling

  • You are able to schedule 999 different machining tasks.

CAD/CAM input

  • Easily transfer your 2D CAD/CAM codes into the system by using USB flash drive.
  • Allow you to do milling work by following your 2D CAD/CAM design .
Specification iB-1600
X/Y/Z travel 1600/700/700mm
Spindle nose to table surface 70-770mm
Spindle center to column surface 670mm
Table size 2200 x 500mm
Table T-slot (No. x size) 5 x 18mm
Max. table load (kgs) 1200kgs
Spindle taper NST#40
Spindle speed (RPM) 3600rpm
Quill feed 0.035/0.07/0.14mm
Transmission Variable speed (inverter)
Quill travel 140mm
Head swivel (R&L) +/- 45
Rapid feed rate XYZ (m/min) 12M/min
Spindle motor 5HP inverter motor
XYZ motor 2Kw AC servo motor
XYZ transmission Timing belt pulley 1:2
Coolant pump 1/4HP
Machine size
Overall width (A) 4800mm
Overall depth (B) 2300mm
Overall height (C) 2610mm
Net weight  4500kgs

We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice. The specification shown above is for reference only.